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Aquaculture Production Growing in Argentina

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ARGENTINA - In 2013, Argentina recorded an increase in aquaculture production of 27.6 per cent over 2012, generating sales of over 150 million pesos.

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The past year was significant for aquaculture in Argentina because, thanks to the spread of activity and investment, production increased by 27.6 per cent, totaling 3863.3 tonnes of fish.

The survey conducted jointly by the provincial government and the SENASA, showed increased cultivation of different species, including pacu, surubí, sturgeon and carp.

Pacú production in 2013 reached 2017.4 tons; surubí, meanwhile, scored 173.6 tonnes, carp 142.2 tons and sturgeon 78.5 tons.

Marketing through different supermarket chains in large cities has had a positive impact on consumption.

Regarding the export of aquaculture production, rainbow trout remains the most requested. The United States is still the main consumer of this species and in 2013 imported over 37 tons from the province of Neuquén.

Aquaculture is an expanding activity in the country and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries will continue to promote and develop aquaculture in the country.