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Aquaculture Production Could Triple Within Five Years

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PORTUGAL - The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Antonio Serrano, estimates that national fish production from aquaculture is projected to triple by 2015, and will go from 7,000 to 21,000 tonnes.

By all means, the minister admitted that the economic crisis could undermine the "fast growth" seen in the sector, reports FIS.

Minister Serrano visited an area between Armona and Fuseta, close to Olhão, where there are numerous operations of offshore aquaculture.

In this region, samples of corvina were introduced first in the country, reports Diario Digital.

Some 750 corvina were placed in one of the offshore cages owned by the Research Institute of Fisheries and the Sea (Ipimar).

The area, about 20 square kilometers in size, has 60 lots for aquaculture production of fish and shellfish (mussels and oysters).

Pedro Pousão, from the National Institute of Biological Resources (INRB), indicated that within each lot, they can install between eight and 12 cages, and annually produce about 1,800 tonnes of fish.

According to Minister Serrano, aquaculture is a business opportunity with "great interest to Portugal."

According to the Portuguese minister, a "very substantial financial volume" is available for those who want to operate in the sector, through the national governments Promar program.

In the country, sea bream and sea bass are the most used species for aquaculture production.