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Aquaculture & Fisheries Bill Greeted with Dismay

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SCOTLAND, UK - The recently published Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill Consultation has been greeted with dismay by Scotlands salmon farming industry.

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According to the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation, ff implemented, this proposed legislation would have far-reaching negative consequences, including:

  • an estimated financial impact on the industry of around £20million per year which would reduce competitiveness
  • duplication by Government officials of work already undertaken by farmers and vets
  • workers under the threat of fixed penalty notices of up to £10,000 issued to them personally
  • significant uncertainty over future investment in Scotland
  • critical damage to the ‘Scottish Farmed Salmon’ premium brand
  • loss of highly trained staff

"The future opportunity lost to Scotland could be staggering, at least £200M at farm gate value. This would lead to a huge erosion of potential income spend in the Highlands and Islands and also severely impact the economic added value from salmon processing across Scotland. Fresh salmon exports alone contribute £400M to the Scottish economy and the industry is a lifeline to many of Scotland's most fragile, rural communities and economies," states the Scotish Salmon Producers' Organisation.

"We hope for constructive dialogue with Government and stakeholders to avoid this unnecessary over-regulation creating such a hostile business environment that the skills, innovation, people and success bred in Scotland could be lost."

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