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Anti-Dumping Duties On Viet Nam Shrimp Raised

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US - The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has announced final results into the fourth administrative review of Vietnamese shrimp exported to the United States for the period from February 1, 2008 through January 31, 2009.

According to the final results, only one Vietnamese shrimp exporter enjoyed an antidumping duty reduction, while the remaining companies were ordered to pay higher duties compared to the preliminary results announced in March.

One of the two compulsory defendants in the antidumping lawsuit, the Minh Phu Seafood Co., will pay a lower duty, from 3.27 per cent to 2.96 per cent, while the second, the Nha Trang Seafood Joint Stock Co. will have its tariff increased to 5.58 per cent from 2.5 per cent.

The antidumping duties on shrimp products from 29 companies which are not compulsory defendants will be raised from 2.89 per cent to 4.27 per cent, while those imposed for companies out of the review will still remain at 25.76 per cent.

Vietnamese companies are subject to higher duties than Indian exporters. The highest duty imposed on an Indian company is 4.44 per cent, while the rate for Vietnamese is 5.58 per cent. Other Indian companies pay lower duties than Vietnamese exporters, at only 2.67 per cent.

In April, Vietnam asked the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body to set up a panel to review US antidumping measures imposed on frozen warm water shrimp from Vietnam.

Recently, WTO General Director Pascal Lamy has appointed three members to the panel. Normally, after six months, the panel board will make its final report on the lawsuit for concerned parties.

This is the first time Vietnam has launched a trade lawsuit since against a WTO member it joined the WTO in January 2007.