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An alternative to live algal shrimp feed

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The benefits of INVEs new product, Thalapure a microalgae hatchery feed for post-larval shrimp played a central part of a training session for the technical and commercial representatives of INVE at the Fish Vet Group (FVG) Asia facility in Chonburi, Thailand, this week.

The aim of the one-day event, which was run in conjunction with TomAlgae, was to demonstrate the value of the product – which provides an alternative to the live algal feds that currently dominate the post-larval shrimp market.

The day was attended by 10 INVE representatives, from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Far East Asia and Oceania; Victor Chepurnov and William van der Riet from TomAlgae; and INVE’s product and technical support managers, Eddy Naessens and Erik Van Ballaer.

William van der Riet opened the event with a need for live algae replacement in the growing shrimp hatchery industry. Using Thalapure will enable technicians and operators to focus on their key activity – growing post-larval shrimp – with a stable, batch-controlled and reliable live algae equivalent.

Dr Chepurnov addressed the more practical issues of the product, such as the incorporation in existing feeding protocols, rehydration of the lyophilized microalgae and feeding to protozoal shrimp. The teams at INVE Thailand and FVG presented results of trials that have demonstrated the product is ingested and digested at the same rates as traditional live algae.

Part of the afternoon session was dedicated to user experiences from Thailand and test results from Mexico. Eddy Naessens reported on a series of tests that focused on reducing the risk of contamination of larvae in early stages (Zoea-syndrome); the results showed significantly lower mortality in Thalapure-fed tanks compared to control.

During the wrap-up, it was concluded that challenging the status quo of live algae feed with the use of Thalapure requires expert knowledge of both the product and the present operational shortfalls of the early stage use of live algae, in order to help create robust and healthy shrimp.