Algae strike BC salmon farms

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
6 June 2018, at 8:27pm

Grieg Seafood has revealed that 250,000 of its salmon have died at two sites in BC following harmful algal blooms (HAB) in the area.

The mortality incident, which took place at sites in the Jervis Inlet area, equates to the loss of approximately 1,000 tonnes, or 50 percent of the total biomass from the two locations.

According to the company, the HAB consisted of Heterosigma, a species of microscopic algae that cause acute mortality in fish. Due to the extraordinarily high concentration of the organisms and their wide spread throughout the water column, use of aeration treatments or other protective measures could not prevent the incident.

Grieg Seafood has insurances covering such incidents, and estimated costs including individual share of insurance are limited to NOK 25 million. The costs will be charged the Q2 2018 results. The fish affected was scheduled to be harvested in the second half of 2018.