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AGD Hard to Control, Says Marine Harvest

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SCOTLAND, UK - With cases of Amoebic gill disease (AGD) being found in salmon in Scotland, Charlotte Johnston, TheFishSite editor speaks with Marine Harvest Scotland to see how the disease has affected them and what precautions are being taken.

Marine Harvest Scotland has said that there have been no greater losses to gill disease than usual for this time of year. However, a spokesperson for the company told TheFishSite that the clinically significant gill disease observed so far this year has largely been AGD.

Marine Harvest said that there major concern is that the disease is hard to predict or contain. So far is appears that when winter temperatures don't drop low enough for long enough, the disease appears to flair up as a clinical condition in significant scattered outbreaks across Scotland.

Marine Harvest Scotland is surveying all their sites and monitoring whether the agent appears to be persisting through the lowest temperatures. Treatments may be needed for any sites where it appears persistant.

Out of the 30 sea farms, Marine Harvest Scotland has only had two clinical cases and one sub clinical detection.

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