Dr Michaela Giles

Dr Michaela Giles

Michaela has worked in the livestock health industry as a research scientist since 1985. Her first degree is within the field of immunology and her PhD in the field of livestock host-parasite genetics.

Michaela co-runs the Tedfold herd of native rare breed and modern pigs from her farm in West Sussex, where she also hosts novice pig keeping courses and sells pedigree pigs throughout the UK and abroad.

She is a director of the British Pig Association, passionate about the preservation and conservation of the UK rare, native breeds and the promotion of pedigree modern breeds. She is an active member of the British government’s Pig Expert Group.

She is a published author of The Commuter Pig Keeper (5M Publishing) targeting the small-scale producer and smallholder, and is the resident writer for Practical Pigs magazine.

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