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WWF Stirs Up a Stink

UK - An animated fish puppet emerging from an icebox is WWF International's latest means of pushing the virtues of sustainable seafood.

However, the Stinky Fish campaign, brainchild of WWF’s International Marine Programme and viral movie makers, Free Range Studios, has come under criticism for misleading consumers and providing inaccurate and out of date information.

Seafish, the UK's statutory seafood body says it has been contacted by many representatives of the seafood industry regarding the information on the WWF website. It is particularly concerned about the title of the campaign 'Stinky Fish', which it says portrays an obsolete perception of seafood industry and is very damaging. It is writing to the WWF to get the details amended and smooth uncertainties between the seafood industry and the NGO community.

The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) is also reported to have also slammed the campaign for "confusing, rather than educating" consumers. The new site offers no details about aquaculture or farmed seafood.


WWF's 'Stinky Fish' website features a video in which a puppet questions members of the public as to how the seafood they eat was caught. The film clip concludes with pleas for viewers to look for the Marine Stewardship Council label when they are buying seafood. It also offers a six step plan for fish consumers to follow and is also asking retailers and restaurateurs to use only sustainable fish.

Commenting on the launch, Giles Bartlett, Fisheries Policy Officer at WWF-UK said: "Overfishing is the single biggest threat to our oceans. It is vital that consumers have much better information to help them choose which fish to buy.

"WWF's new 'Stinky Fish' website will provide exactly that. We hope that consumer demand for sustainable seafood and better regulation will transform the most damaging fisheries into ones that we can all buy from with a clear conscience."

To view the WWF fish campaign go to:
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