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World Wide Distribution From Modern Aquaculture Plants

GERMANY - The internationally renowned caviar trading house, Petrossian Inc. together with United Food Technologies AG (UFT) and AquaOrbis AG has announced a close strategic partnership.

The aim is to market globally the high quality fish and caviar products from the UFT aquaculture facilities through the established trading house and AquaOrbis AG. For the first time interested investors can take advantage of a complete solution, covering all the steps in the process, from patented world wide facility know-how through operation and management to world wide assured distribution facilities. The declaration demonstrates the impact that aquaculture technology has made in the face of over-fishing of the world seas and the increasing requirements for fresh fish.

For decades, the name Petrossian has been synonymous with luxury and highest quality. The family run company, world wide leader in the marketing of caviar and other delicacies, is focussed on North America and Europe.

Their main clients come from top gastronomy circles, the hotel industry, airlines, cruise ship companies, as well as gourmets from all over the world.

United Food Technologies focuses on the construction and operation of modern aquaculture facilities in conjunction with their sister company AquaOrbis. The patented technology is based on an environmentally friendly, closed circulatory system which allows a constant high quality, while emitting minimum harmful emissions. Experts expect that in the near future the majority of fresh fish will come from aquaculture plants as the stocks in the seas are decreasing rapidly.

The three partners have developed a unique complete solution: The appetizing sturgeon meat and the noble caviar from the facilities built by United Food Technologies, under commission from investors, will in future be jointly marketed worldwide by Petrossian and AquaOrbis AG.

"With such a well known and traditional caviar house as Petrossian, we have contracted one of the world's renowned suppliers for international distribution. We can offer the investors who commissioned the construction of the facilities, a conclusive complete concept covering construction and operation through to established distribution", explains Christoph Hartung, chairman of the board of directors of UFT AG. "This is an accolade for the quality of the aquaculture products from our plants."

Armen Petrossian, CEO of Petrossian Inc. based in the USA, is convinced of the high quality of the caviar from aquaculture technology. "This caviar has nothing to fear from the wild caviar", emphasizes the expert. He is well satisfied with the agreement which assures him of large quantities of the noble delicacy for world wide distribution. "The future belongs to caviar from aquaculture facilities in light of the decimated wild stocks.

The strategic cooperation with United Food Technologies and AquaOrbis ensures a long term high quality and therefore we can be satisfied that we can cover the demand of our customers world wide in the future", continues Armin Petrossian. For years now the demand for caviar has been much greater than the stocks available.

United Food Technologies is currently constructing three new aquaculture projects for the production of sturgeon caviar: The topping out ceremony at the new plant in Jessen (Sachsen- Anhalt) has just been celebrated. This plant will go into production in autumn 2007. In the next weeks construction will start at the world- scale plant in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). This will be the first caviar plant in the Near East. Licensing procedures will be completed in June for the third project on USA's east coast.