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Working To Combat Salmon Thefts

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CHILE - Between Chilean $60 to 80 million are lost annually by the Chilean salmon industry, due to gangs stealing salmon in the South.

In order to prevent this, the Government has decided to implement a number of actions through the police and judicial persecution.

Cristobal Lira, Public Safety Division of the Ministry of Interior, and Salmonchile President, Cesar Barro, said that they were keen to actively address and prohibit the issue of salmon theft in Chile.

Mr Lira said: "These actions are a disincentive to investment in the area and are causing unemployment. We have formed two working groups to analyse the situation quickly, and come up with solutions."

Mr Berros said: "Salmonchile are impressed with the Governments response to this issue. The indsutry must work with the police, judicial services and these two working groups to investigate and control the supply of salmon stolen, as well as the demand for stolen salmon."

During the next few weeks work will begin simultaneously between the two workshops, which seek to neutralise the criminal activity in the South and hevily monitor the sale of salmon in restaurants and hotels in the cities.

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