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Wildlife Trusts scale up 'Petition Fish' campaign

UK - Sea Vision partner Wildlife Trusts is scaling up its Petition Fish campaign, in support of the Marine Bill, with the introduction of Bernard the Gurnard, an animated online petition.

The Petition Fish campaign, launched in June at the House of Commons, aims to demonstrate public support for a Marine Bill. Such has been the success of the original campaign The Wildlife Trusts is now launching an online version featuring Bernard the Gurnard, a fish frustrated by the wait for a Marine Bill.

Bernard is a Red Gurnard, a bottom-feeding fish which lives in sandy areas around the UK coast.

During the summer, 200 Petition Fish were on display at Wildlife Trusts’ events throughout the UK and thousands of signatures have already been gathered. To show support, simply sign your name on a gold or silver scale and attach it to the fish. The campaign will reach a climax on Wednesday 10 October when all 200 Petition Fish will return to Westminster for an event with MPs. The following week, the petition will be delivered to Downing Street, in a final bid to keep the Marine Bill afloat.

Source: BYMMarineEnvironmentNews