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Wegmans Adopts New Standards For Buying Farmed Shrimp

US - Wegmans Food Markets and Environmental Defense have announced a purchasing policy for farmed shrimp. According to the retailer, it sets a new bar for the seafood industry and other US retailers.

New purchasing standards will be rolled out to all of Wegmans 71 stores and suppliers will have to demonstrate their compliance with the policy by meeting aggressive performance targets and implementing an auditing and reporting system to monitor progress.

The new quality standards will require farmed shrimp producers to eliminate the use of antibiotics and other chemicals, avoid damaging sensitive habitats, treat their waste water and reduce the use of wild fish to feed shrimp.

“Companies like Wegmans have the market clout to transform their supplier’s environmental practices. With these new purchasing standards, we’ve raised the bar for farmed shrimp production while continuing to provide a healthy seafood option for Wegmans’ customers,” said Gwen Ruta, Environmental Defense’s Director of Corporate Partnerships.

The organsiation is urging other large seafood buyers to flex their purchasing power and make the same improvements to their supply chains.