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Weekly Overview: Aquaculture Ship to Move Salmon Farming Further Offshore

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ANALYSIS - It could be the start of a sustainable revolution for the Norwegian salmon farming industry, following the design of an aquaculture ship that will move salmon farming further offshore where sea lice and waste build up will no longer be serious problems.

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In conjunction with Nordlaks, NSK Ship Design has designed the ship known as Havfarm (Ocean Farm), which measures 430 metres in length and 54 metres wide.

The ship is designed to be anchored to the seafloor using the offshore industry’s technological solutions which can withstand very tough conditions at sea, including waves 10 metres high.

The ocean farm itself will extend ten metres below sea level and contain six cages which in total can hold over two million fish.

Researchers from Spain and the UK have for the first time observed an increase in body temperature in zebrafish that were subjected to stressful situations.

This research therefore supports the idea that fish do have emotions and consciousness.

The phenomenon is known as emotional fever and, until now, it had only been observed in mammals, birds and certain reptiles. For this reason fish have been regarded as animals without emotions or consciousness.

In market news, Thai Union Group has mutually agreed to terminate the acquisition of Bumble Bee Foods after it became evident that the US Department of Justice clearance would require more time.