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Watching Out For Unlawful Fishing

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AUSTRALIA - A new Show Cause initiative allows concession holders to provide an explanation of their activities when suspected of unlawfully navigating/fishing within closures.

The results are very positive. Since the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) started the initiative in October 2010 suspected closure breaches have decreased from an average of 11 per month to two per month.

AFMA is watching boat activity adjacent to and inside fisheries closures very closely. If a boat is suspected of fishing or navigating within closures unlawfully, the concession holder is provided with a snapshot of their activity (as recorded on AFMA’s Vessel Monitoring System).

Before AFMA considers further compliance action in relation to these breaches, the concession holder may give an explanation of their activity.

AFMA anticipates that the downward trend in breaches will continue as more concession holders become aware of the initiative.

For further information on the programme please contact Tod Spencer – Senior Manager Compliance Planning on (02) 6225 5312 or