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VIV ASIA: Sonac Introduces New Natural Products for Aqua Feed

Nutrition Health Post-harvest

GLOBAL - MucoPro80 is a natural hydrolyzed protein source from animal origin. It is rich in free amino acids, di-tri and tetra peptides and is highly digestible.

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Compared to its predecessor, MucoPro80 contains 50 per cent less salt and is spray dried. Since it is a predigested source of protein, MucoPro80 has many benefits in aqua feeds.

MucoPro80 reinforces the natural gut defense system and is a very palatable and hypo-allergenic source of protein. No limitations are imposed on the export of the end product to Europe. This makes MucoPro one of the few animal proteins which can be used in aquatic feed mills, worldwide.

Gelko Powder

Valuable nutrients for fish and shrimp

Gelko Powder is Sonacs new hydrolyzed animal-based product that offers highly digestible proteins for fish and shrimp. It hosts a unique combination of amino-acids that are known to play an important role in attractability and palatability in aqua feed. Besides that, the naturally present nucleotides, phospholipids and minerals increase the nutritional value of this new product.


Unique combination of essential ingredients of natural origin

One of the essential nutrients for shrimps is cholesterol. Driven by the increasing scarcity of conventional sources of cholesterol, Sonac recently developed Phosterol. This hydrolyzed protein of animal origin is produced in accordance with all relevant EU regulations and is readily available from renewable natural sources. The uniqueness of Phosterol lays in the natural combination of cholesterol and phospholipids. This is backed by trials on shrimp farms that have shown a strong synergy between the two main components of Phosterol. Sonacs product experts will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the product and its application.

Sonac can be found on booth H106.Y021 during the Aquatic Asia tradeshow

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