Viet Nam Seafood Production Reaches 608,000 MT in May

8 June 2015, at 1:00am

VIET NAM - According to the Directorate of Fisheries, seafood production in May rose 2.4 per cent year-on-year. In particular, total capture reached 257,000 MT, consisting of 242,000 MT of marine fish and 15,000 from inland.

Cumulatively, seafood production is estimated at 2.4 million MT, up 2.8 per cent from the same period of 2014. Total farmed products are approximately 351 thousand MT, reports VASEP.

Shrimp was reared in 544,320 hectares, 95 per cent of which were for whiteleg shrimp and the other were for black tiger shrimp. Increasing black tiger shrimp farming area is expected in coming months.

In May, 62,737 MT of shrimp was harvested with 31,024 MT of black tiger shrimp and 31,713 MT of whiteleg shrimp. Meanwhile, 377,585 MT of pangasius was farmed in 2,796 hectares.