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Viet Nam Pangasius Exports to Chile Increasing

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VIET NAM - Frozen fish fillet imports from Viet Nam into Chile have increased in recent years.

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Viet Nam is the leading supplier to the country, followed by China and Peru, reports VASEP.

In 2010, Chile imported only 2,371 MT of frozen fish fillets, in which 1,099 MT came from Viet Nam. The volume increased by 303.4 per cent to reach 4,434 MT in 2014.

Pangasius is the main product exported to Chile. In 2014, pangasius export to Chile reached $7.67 million, up 77.8 per cent over 2013.

The Viet Nam – Chile Free Trade Agreement came into effect by 1 January 2014 creating more chances for Vietnamese seafood. Besides, Chile is considered as a gateway for Vietnamese seafood products to access to other potential countries in Latin America.

The average price of pangasius exported to Chile went up from $1,057 per MT in 2013 to $1,427 per MT in 2014.