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Value Rises As Volumes Fall For Salmon Exports

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NORWAY - Figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council reveal that export of Norwegian salmon in February was worth NOK 2.3 billion. This is the highest export value for salmon that has ever been registered for the month of February.

The value of the salmon exports is NOK 327 million, or 16 per cent, higher than February last year. At the same time, volumes fell by two per cent to 54 thousand tonnes.

The export price for fresh salmon in February was NOK 40.46 per kilo. This is NOK 6.80 higher than one year ago. The average price in February is NOK 0.98 higher than the average price in January.

In February, export of salmon to Norway's largest market for salmon, France, increased by five per cent to 7,786 tonnes. At the same time, its value increased by 22 per cent to NOK 332 million. Export volumes to other important neighbouring markets, such as Poland and Russia, fell by 14 per cent and two per cent, respectively, in February.

Salmon exports to USA fell by 42 per cent to 1,697 tonnes. The reduction was mainly a result of reduced exports of fresh sliced salmon. Another important market that also accepted less salmon from Norway in February was China. In total, exports to China fell by 79 per cent to 276 tonnes, and the export reduction is across all salmon products.

Trout exports in February amounted to NOK 127 million, which is NOK 11 million less than in the same month last year. The export volume amounted to 2,789 tonnes. This is 975 tonnes or 26 per cent less than in February last year. Exports to Russia, the dominant market for Norwegian trout, fell by 36 per cent to 1,279 tonnes. Exports to Japan increased by 42 per cent to 438 tonnes.