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Value Down But Volume Up For Salmon Exports

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NORWAY - Figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council reveal that in August, exports of salmon were down 13 per cent for the same period last year, while volume was up 10,000 tonnes.

So far this year, exports of salmon are 19.4 billion. This is an increase of two per cent, or 389 million from the same period last year,

Salmon Exports have fallen in value for the third consecutive month. The reason for this is the fall in demand for fresh salmon as well as the international competition in the salmon market, particularly from Chile, says Paul Aandahl, market analyst in the Directorate of Fisheries.

Continued decline in salmon prices

In August, the average export price for fresh whole salmon was at NOK 28.37 per kilo. This is 2.70 million lower than the average for the month of July and 11.42 million lower than the same month last year.

So far this year, the average price for fresh whole salmon 36.53 per kilogram, which is 50 cents lower than the same period last year.

Strong volume growth to Asia and Eastern Europe

In August, exports of salmon products to Asia were more than 7,988 tonnes, an increase of 1,901 tons or 24 per cent.

While growth in Asia has been relatively stable this year, the growth of Eastern Europe has accelerated in August, with growth of 41 per cent or 3,110 tonnes.

Movement in the EU market

While exports to the EU earlier this year have been at a standstill in terms of volume, there was growth in August of 15 per cent, or 5,944 tonnes. The strongest growth was in Finland, France and Denmark.

Trout exports increase

In August, exports of trout were 115 million. This is four per cent more than the same month last year. The volume has increased by 32 per cent to 3,500 tonnes. The strongest growth was in exports to Russia and China.