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USDA Hears Case for Insect Alternative

US - Florida-based Neptune Industries, has been to the USDA's Alternative Feeds Initiative in Silver Springs, Maryland to discuss the results of the second stage of the Company's research on Ento-Protein(TM).

The insect-derived fish food is a high quality, sustainable protein is seen as a valuable and economically viable alternative to fishmeal currently used in farmed fish nutrition

Ernest D. Papadoyianis, Neptune President and CEO,said that the purpose of these meetings was to gauge the current state of alternative feed research, and suggest priorities for future research funding initiatives.

"Potential solutions were offered by those in attendance for replacing fishmeal in fish and animal diets. Break-out groups were formed to evaluate suggestions for funding by NOAA and the USDA. We are extremely encouraged that the group ranked Ento-Protein(TM) as the second most potentially viable out of dozens of products proposed to resolve this industry bottleneck," he explained.

Commercial Option Soon

Through extensive research and development work his company is looking at the feasibility, taste acceptance, and growth analyses on fish fed Ento-Protein(TM) based diets. Much of its work is being done at Mississippi State University and Neptune expects that the results - which are proving significant - will set the stage for commercial entrance into the $7 billion dollar market for fishmeal.

Results to date confirm the first mover status of Ento-Protein(TM) as a sustainable alternative to the harvesting of wild caught baitfish including anchovy, herring, and menhaden. If an alternative is not made available, it could have a serious affect on wild seafood stocks as well as fish farming.

USDA is currently in the process of developing standards for US organic seafood certification. Current recommendations will not allow fish to be certified organic that are fed diets including fishmeal, following a suggested Sunset provision for the progressive elimination of this ingredient.

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