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US Aquaculture Bubble Set to Rise and Expand

US - A perfect storm of factors is bringing about a rising trend in aquaculture fish sales which could see farmed fish sales overtaking those of wild fish in the near future.

With the world suddenly concentrating on rising food prices, the first element of the perfect storm is the well documented decline of wild fish stocks, reports the Herald Sun.

Then there is the dramatic rise in the price of oil and widespread cuts to government oil subsidies, which has made a large slab of the world's current fishing fleet uneconomic.

Coming on top of those factors, there is a rapidly increasing demand for quality fish, particularly given the health implications of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Sustainable aquaculture provides an answer to these problems. The Australis Aquaculture chief executive, Josh Goldman, recently predicted that farmed fish will jump 18 per cent of the US retail market in 1997 to a staggering 69 per cent by 2012.

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