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Upgrade for marine ingredient standard

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An updated standard that should help ensure that aquaculture feed producers can source sustainable marine ingredients has been launched today.

Established by IFFO RS Limited, and called IFFO RS Version 2.0, it coincides with the launch of the standard’s new website.

Andrew Jackson, Chairman of the IFFO RS GB, says: “On behalf of the Governance Board I would like to thank the Technical Advisory Committee for all their hard work in producing this new version of the standard. The improvements made to the standard will, in my opinion, add further to our credibility and relevancy, which must be good for all our stakeholders.”

The IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) is a business-to-business, third party audited certification programme that assures the animal feed, food and nutraceutical value chains that raw materials are both responsibly sourced and manufactured and enables an IFFO RS compliant factory to demonstrate this to the international market.

To continue the development of the standard, the IFFO RS Governance Board ratified a proposal to fully review and enhance Version 1.6 of the standard in 2014. This was not only carried out because it is good practice, but also to increase relevancy of the standard, allow for recognition and to maintain credibility. The new version upholds the values of its predecessors but introduces enhanced strategic objectives.

Version 2.0 underwent a comprehensive development process which included two Public Consultations (the first being for 30 days and the second 60 days) to seek stakeholder input to offer those directly and indirectly affected by the proposed new version the opportunity to provide feedback. A multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee worked on the details of the new version which was then adopted by the Governance Board.

Some of the key developments include:

  • Enhancement of the IFFO RS Approval Criteria for whole fish (mixed and single fisheries) used as raw material in order to promote more responsible fisheries management.
  • Introduction of criteria to assess good manufacturing practices in order to increase its relevancy and accessibility to the marine ingredient value chain. Certifications such as GMP+ and FEMAS will continue to be recognised by the new version.
  • The need to promote and create improved social and welfare benefits, taking into account International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention, for all workers employed within the marine ingredients producing factory.
  • Developing the standard in order to allow harmonisation and recognition within other relevant fisheries and aquaculture standards.

Transition period

All new applicants must apply to the new version of the standard 1 month after the launch date, while current IFFO RS certified factories under Version 1.6 Standard will have a 1 year transition period.

IFFO aims to have all IFFO RS certificate holders certified under Version 2.0 by 2019. For more detailed information regarding the procedure of transitioning from Version 1.6 to Version 2.0 visit the IFFO website.