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Two UK Bodies Get Together To Improve River Life


UK - The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Salmon & Trout Association have announced a new collaborative partnership to help the nation's rivers comply with the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The WFD is a major piece of legislation which will have a huge impact on farming and river management practices in the future. It will specify quaity targets for the majority of local watercourses, streams and rivers to protect and enhance fish stocks, water habitats and ecosystems in the future.

At present, the majority of the UK's rivers do not meet the WFD targets and many will struggle to do so. By working together, the G&WCT and S&TA will ensure that those implementing the legislation will continue to heed the advice of expert conservationists. The G&WCT will deliver the scientific research findings, while the S&TA will deliver this into policy.