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Tuna Developing Mexicos Market Position

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MEXICO - In 2010, eight per cent of Mexico's total fish products were tuna. This ranked the country as the 12th producer in the field in international markets, according to figures provided by FAO.

Sustainable regulations for the fish industry in Mexico totaled 1.6 million tons of seafood and fish products, with 131,000 tons of this being different tuna species up to the value of $5.5 million in the Mexican market, according to CONAPESCA.

Tuna exports represented 4.2 per cent of total tuna domestic production (131,000 million tons) to the value of US$ 26.3 million.

Even in previous years, Mexican tuna was not very accessible from international markets, nowadays however, it has increased its availability in international markets by five per cent, due to a diversification of the tuna industry as well as a rising consumption of fresh tuna products.

Regarding its position in international markets, the Mexican fish industry pointed out that the end of the dispute with the US, over the dolphin safe label, will highly benefit the industry. Mexican exports will increase US$100 million as well as an increase in employment.

Mexico meets international sustainable regulations for tuna fishing in order to have a reasonable and sustainable exploitation of the species.

Domestic consumption is estimated at 1.25 kg per capita, which ranks Mexico among the 10 major consumers around the world.

Mexican tuna is believed to have excellent nutritional characteristics as well as delicious taste. These features have provoked a huge demand in domestic market, above all, canned tuna and loose but also fresh and smoked.

Main tuna fishing states are located on the Pacific coast. Ninety five per cent of production is located in Baja California, Sinaloa, Chiapas and Colima.

There are four tuna species fish in Mexico. The most important one is yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacores) which annually represents up to 90 per cent of production.