Tuna Company Asked to Resolve Dolphin Safe Issues

20 April 2012, at 1:00am

GLOBAL - Earth Island Institute (EII) has met with Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) countries to further discuss the Pacifical brand tuna, sourced by the PNA nations.

Last week, PNA issued a press statement regarding claims made by EII over its commercial initiative, Pacifical.

PNA chairman Sylvester Pokajam agreed that PNA tuna and Pacifical does not belong to the EII Dolphin Safe policy but said that its tuna is sustainably harvested and independently verified.

After further talks, EII has released a statement saying it would welcome Pacifical as a Dolphin Safe company at the point that the company executes a Dolphin Safe policy with Earth Island Institute on the same terms that all other Dolphin Safe companies must meet.

EII commented that to do otherwise would be unfair to other companies that fully comply with the EII programme.

EII stated that as of yet, Pacifical has not signed the Dolphin Safe policy and therefore EII cannot verify it as Dolphin Safe tuna and cannot put it on its list of approved tuna supply sources.

EII said that it will remain willing to work with Pacifical to resolve these issues in order to verify their tuna as Dolphin Safe.