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Trout Prospects Tremendous

RUSSIA - Analysts investigating the dynamics and growth rates of aquaculture development in Karelia, says that it is safe to assume that home-produced trout will play an increasingly significant role in Russia's consumer fish market.

Karelia, already a leader in trout-breeding in Russia, is expanding production and the growth is likely to dent imports currently coming from Norway and Chile

Timur Mitupov, head of the investment-analytical group of Norge-Fish, says there is huge potential for Karelian trout production.

According to his company, aquaculture and mariculture development in 2007 in Russia it has been strong. More than 50 credit contracts were granted for construction, reconstruction and modernization of aquaculture enterprises, accounting for more than 1,2 billion rbl.

Domestic aquaculture is being given opportunities for further development and growth, and at present, commodity trout-breeding shows the highest profitability in food sector, which on the average makes up to 30 per cent.