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The Understated Norwegian Fish Mince

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NORWAY - Lesser silver smelt, or Argentina silus in Latin, is today used to produce fish balls, fish cakes and fish pudding.

Fish mince from this species is well suited to such products, in part owing to the good water-binding capacity, writes Irene Midling Andreassen for Nofima. In recent years Norwegian seafood producers have preferred overseas fish mince to the Norwegian produced equivalent since it appeared fish mince from overseas was of superior quality than that produced here in Norway.

However, studies recently carried out by scientists at Nofima Marin show that the quality of Norwegian fish mince can be at least as high as that sourced from overseas, says Head of Project Bjrn Gundersen.

The report Optimising of the quality of frozen white salmon masse states that the gel strength of samples from Norwegian producers was equally as good if not better than that of comparable samples from overseas.

The project is financed by the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund and is administered by the Norwegian Seafood Association.