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The Right Balance for Seafood Defer Marine Reserve Networks

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AUSTRALIA - The Commonwealth Fisheries Association (CFA) does not support the proposed marine reserve networks due to significant concerns regarding the impact to the commercial fishing industry as well as many regional communities around Australias coastline.

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CFA is calling for the deferral of the planning process until such time as these concerns are resolved.

The CFA calls for the marine reserve network declarations to be put on hold until ALL the impacts to the fishing industry, regional communities, and Australias future seafood supply can be accounted for, said Trixi Madon, Commonwealth Fisheries Association CEO.

The community must have the opportunity to properly assess the benefits of our fisheries, which are managed for sustainability, and other biodiversity conservation objectives.

The true future costs of the governments marine reserve network proposals are unknown.

Ms Madon went on to say. It is not only the fishing industry and operators that are affected by the significant uncertainty created by the current planning process it is also businesses across the entire seafood supply chain and in numerous local coastal communities.

Australian Government policy aims to address concerns about fairness and equity regarding the impacts on fishers and those reliant on the fishing industry. This cannot be achieved without a rigorous examination of the longterm costs and benefits of the government and industry proposals.

Erosion of the professional commercial fishing industry through ongoing reductions to fishing areas compromises opportunities to run sustainable and profitable fishing businesses which underpin Australias sixth largest foodbased primary industry. This is not in the national interest, said Ms Madon.

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