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Thai-US shrimp bout continues

THAILAND - Thailand, one of the world's largest shrimp exporters, has failed to persuade the United States to scrap a bond requirement that has impeded Thai shrimp exports.

The two countries failed to make any headway during a consultation session in Geneva early this month, according to the Thai Foreign Trade Department.

The consultation was the initial stage after the Commerce Ministry filed a case against the US with the World Trade Organisation in March.

Thailand has accused Washington of penalising Thai shrimp exports twice, through a continuous bond requirement and anti-dumping duties at the same time.

''Thailand is still waiting for a proper response from the US. And if there is no response, we will join India against the US in the dispute settlement panel (under the WTO),'' said Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, the department's deputy director-general.

Mrs Nuntawan said the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) appeared willing to drop the bond requirement but the US Customs Department disagreed.

Source: Bangkok Post