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Successful LARVIVA Range Presentation for BioMar at Aquaculture Europe 2014

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SPAIN - The hatchery segment, in particular BioMar's larval feed range LARVIVA, was the leading topic chosen by BioMar to be presented to selected customers in the Aquaculture Europe 2014 Conference, which took place from 14-17 October 2014 in San Sebastin, Spain.

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The event that took place on Wednesday 15 in the afternoon, counted with the participation of Michel Autin, R&D Manager for BioMar West Mediterranean, Kostas Ntomalis, responsible for sales and technical support for the hatchery feed segment at BioMar and Mathieu Castex from the Canadian company Lallemand.

Kostas Ntomalis focused his presentation on BioMar's strategy for hatcheries and the BioMar's Marine Hatchery Line. He went through the challenges and the relevant role of hatcheries in order to secure the future and success for the Mediterranean aquaculture, and how BioMar's Marine Hatchery product line contributes to it.

Mathieu Castex from the Canadian company Lallemand, presented the mode of action behind Bactocell®, the only probiotic approved by the European Food Safety Authorities for the use in fish feed. BioMar includes this probiotic in its hatchery line, among other products, and has an exclusive agreement with Lallemand for the use of Bactocell® in fish feed world-wide.

Mathieu Castex explained how the probiotic, through specific changes in the gut microflora improves the mineral absortion, mitigates the inflammatory response and promotes the calcification, all preventing the deformities in fish.

LARVIVA ProStart had a special place in the event thanks to Michel Autin's presentation, that looked into the special agglomearion process of LARVIVA ProStart, the product characteristic,the targets, and the outstanding field trials results obtained with this product on sea bass and sea bream, both in terms of reduction of deformities and replacement of live feed.

The presentation was an excellent opportunity to get closer to the customers and to share the novelties and results around LARVIVA range, which is subject of continuous research and development often in collaboration with commercial hatcheries.

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