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Students Encouraged to Apply for Award in Fisheries Research

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AUSTRALIA - Post-graduate university students are being encouraged to apply for an award which recognises their research work, and in turn assists the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in the management of fisheries resources and aquatic habitats in New South Wales (NSW).

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Dr Bob Creese, DPI Director of Fisheries Research said the award is a fantastic tribute to one of the pioneers of fisheries conservation in NSW.

"The John Holliday Student Conservation Award is named in honour of the late Dr John Holliday, a former Senior Conservation Manager who dedicated 26 years to aquatic habitat and fish conservation issues for the DPI," Dr Creese said.

"The John Holliday Student Conservation Award is offered by DPI to encourage post-graduate students to share their research findings on a range of topics that could be beneficial to the management of fisheries in NSW.

"The 2015 award is open to all post-graduate students who were enrolled at an Australian university last year and who undertook fisheries-orientated research work in NSW.

"The winning entrant will receive A$3000 cash and a Certificate of Achievement.

"Entrants are judged by a panel, including the DPI's Director Fisheries Research, Director Aquaculture and Aquatic Environment and a representative from a NSW conservation group."

To enter, students will need to submit an electronic copy of a concise report summarising their research to date, and which is relevant to DPI's current priority fisheries research programmes.

Relevant research themes eligible for consideration are included in the Fisheries NSW Strategic Research Plan (2014-2018) and are available online.

"Dr Holliday made a huge contribution to the work undertaken here and successfully pioneered the Department's involvement in aquatic habitat and fish conservation issues, and I encourage students to submit their applications and be recognised for their own research work," Dr Creese said.

Applications for the 2015 Award must be submitted by 31 March 2015.