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Strong Golden Redfish Stock

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ICELAND - Icelandic fishing company HB Grandi has reported that there is a strong supply of golden redfish.

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Fresher trawler sbjrn landed 115 and 120 tonnes of fish in Reykjavk. The majority was golden redfish, plus some cod and saithe, taken from Westfjords fishing grounds at the end of the trip.

"We started the trip on the Mountains and did well there. The golden redfish stock is in a strong state and those are our traditional fishing grounds," said sbjrns skipper Fridleifur Einarsson, who also said that they decided to finish the trip on the Hali grounds to take the amount of cod they are allowed for each trip.

"We arrived there on Saturday, and there had been some good fishing on cod the weeks before. On the other hand, the fishing was slowing down. But it was still reasonable and nothing to complain about. There was some good fishing there on saithe as well, although the fish were unusually small, with nothing there that we could rely on," Fridleifur Einarsson said and commented that just as the fishing is dropping off on the Westfjords grounds, there is news that there is some seriously heavy fishing taking place off the east coast, from Digranesflak all the way down to the Foot.

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