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Striped Bass Growers Annual Awards

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
14 June 2011, at 1:00am

US - The Striped Bass Growers Association is encouraging students to apply for their Walter Landry Memorial Award which, each year, is awarded to the student with the most outstanding achievement in research related to the culture of any of the species in the Morone genus and/or Morone hybrids.

The award is presented at the Striped Bass Growers Association (SBGA) General Membership Meeting which is held during the SBGA Industry Forum at Aquaculture America each year.

Applicants for the Landry Award will, among other items, be asked to provide a summary (two-four pages) detailing their research accomplishments.

This year, the travel assistance budget has been increased to $500.

Therefore, starting with the applications accepted in autumn 2011 for the 2012 awards, two Striped Bass Growers Travel Awards of $250 each will also be awarded to deserving college students who demonstrate an interest in Morone or Morone hybrid culture and/or aquaculture in general as a career.

Students not awarded the Landry Award will automatically be considered for the Travel Awards, for which they will be given preference when considering applications.

Winning students should arrange to be present at the SBGA Industry Forum to hear the presentations (when not making their own presentations elsewhere), and will receive their awards at the start of the SBGA General Membership Meeting.

The winner of the Landry Award will be expected to give a five-ten minute presentation about their research.

More details will be available on the SBGA website (www.stripedbassgrowers.org) sometime in October.

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