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Spanish Water Reserves More Than Half Full

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SPAIN - Water reserves are at 51.8 per cent of total capacity with currently 28,666 cubic metres of water stored throughout Spain.

Water volume has increased by 344 cubic hectometres (hm3; 0.6 per cent) since last week but many areas continue to be without sufficient rainfall and vary from around 58hm3 in Duero and 236hm3 in Guadalquivir.

The areas worst affected by this shortage are Tajo (40.9 per cent), Duero (32.4 per cent) and Jucar (39.3 per cent). Two areas currently have just over 70 per cent of water capacity: Cuenca Atlntica Andaluza al (72.7 per cent) and Cuenca Mediterrnea Andaluza al (71.2 per cent).

Note: 1hm3 = 0.001km3