Aquaculture for all

Slash Aquaculture's Red Tape, says MEP

UK - Red Tape is preventing European Fish Farming form expanding, says Scottish Euro MP, Struan Stevenson

Speaking at a conference on Europe’s aquaculture industry in Billund, Denmark, Mr Stevenson condemned the bureaucracy that is now proving a tough barrier Europe's burgeoning aquaculture sector. He said that Europe's fish farmers were in danger of being overshadowed by competition and jobs were at risk and he wants to see the regulations revised and simplified.

Capability Curbed

“We have allowed our non-EU competitors to assume dominance in the sector and we have seen our indigenous industry haemorrhage jobs to countries outside the EU. We import almost 50 per cent of our seafood needs when we are perfectly capable of producing this food ourselves," he said

He also said that the endless production of European legislative directives were proving a 'gift' to competitors - particularly those in the far east - who were able to produce goods at far less cost.

“At a time when demand for healthy fish products is rising internationally, while marine fish stocks continue to decline, the opportunities for EU aquaculture to lead the world in fish farming innovation and technological development are being hampered by red tape," said Mr Stevenson.
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