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Sindh Considers Aquaculture on Unproductive Lands

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SINDH, PAKISTAN - The Provincial Government of Sindh is considering building new fish hatcheries to make use of a huge area of agricultural land that is no longer able to cultivate crops.

Minister for Fisheries Department Zahid Ali Bhurgari informed the Sindh Assembly during question-hour session on Thursday, reports TheNation.

Replying to the supplementary question of the provincial legislators, Minister said a huge area of about 0.8 million acres land had been converted in saline and it not able to cultivate for crops in various different districts of the province, so the people wanted to converted them fish farm there and approaching the fisheries department.

According to TheNation, he opined that fish farming has become more profitable than agriculture. To a question, Minister said the fish seeds of various species of fish such as Mori, Rohu, Gulfam, Thaila, Silver, Crap and Grass Crap were being produced at the government fish hatcheries located in Chilya-Thatta, Badin, Bubak-Jamshoro, Dokri-Larkana and Sukkur districts.

At present, about 3200 fish farms are being run privately while some of them are bringing fish from Punjab due to shortage of the seed in Sindh, Minister said, adding that the government has desired to open fish hatcheries in all districts to fulfil the requirement of fish seeds.