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Shellfish Catch Off Nova Scotia Plummets

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CANADA - The quantity of shellfish caught off Nova Scotia dropped by more than half between 2003 and 2006 as water quality deteriorated, a new report says.

The State of Nova Scotia's Coast report, released on 9 December, says the province will suffer physically, ecologically and economically without the co-ordinated participation of those with a stake in the future of the coastline.

In 2003, the shellfish catch stood at 317,556 tonnes. It dropped to 127,969 tonnes in 2006.

The report also says storms, which have always affected Nova Scotia's coast, will become worse and more economically devastating as sea levels rise and the effects of global warming are felt.

The document from the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture was drafted by consulting engineers at CBCL Ltd. with input from 15 governmental departments and agencies known as the Provincial Ocean Network.

It gives an overview of the condition of Nova Scotia's coastal areas and outlines a framework that it says will "focus efforts to tackle complex coastal issues."