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Sernapesca Chile Detects ISA Outbreak on Aysen Farm

9 April 2013, at 1:00am

CHILE - An outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) has been detected by Chile's National Fishery and Aquaculture service (Sernapesca) on a Los Fiordos salmon farm in the Aysen region.

Sernapesca Director, Juan Luis Ansoleaga, said that ISA was found in a fish cage in Garrao Center, located in the Aysen region.

After recieving the notice, Sernapesca immediately activated strict control measures and biosecurity.

"Laboratory tests were negative for HPR-0 and in the coming days we will check the sequencing of the strain," Mr Ansoleaga said.

In line with the Biosafety Protocol, the farm started a precautionery harvest on Friday.

Sernapesca has been present at the farm to oversee biosafety and disinfection and is now increasing its surveillance of nearby farms.

"In this case, Sernapesca controlled the entire production chain, from the source, to monitor the harvest of fish, to the processing plant located in Quellón Sernapesca with officials of the Aysen region and Lakes," said the Director.


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