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At a time when environmental headwinds and economic uncertainty are leading some companies to slow their support for R&D, INVE Aquaculture, part of Benchmark Holdings plc, believes investment in innovation and product development is needed now more than ever.

Investment is key for INVE.

Investing today to solve the problems of tomorrow

Innovation is a fundamental focus for INVE, with substantial resources allocated every year to developing new specialty products and enhancing their existing portfolio.

The company’s network of R&D centres around the world, and its commitment to providing products and services urgently needed today whilst investing to solve the problems of tomorrow, mean the aquaculture leader can contribute more effectively than ever to their clients’ sustainable growth and long-term success.

These test centres also play an important role in training INVE’s commercial staff and providing demonstrations and training for key customers.

Building a future-proof team and pipeline

The team at INVE's Belgium HQ.

INVE have built a skilled team of more than 37 researchers and staff, based at their innovation headquarters in Belgium and testing centers in Italy and Thailand.

Across their global operations they have increased capacity, recently attracting several leading specialists to their team. They have also expanded and upgraded their research facilities to support the development of their growing pipeline of 25 new products which is driven by market-intelligence and insights gained from their approach of working side-by-side with customers in over 70 countries.

Warm water and nutrition trials — Thailand

INVE's research on tropical species takes place in Thailand.

The capacity of INVE’s Tropical Aquaculture Research Centre (ITARC) close to Chonburi – a shrimp and tilapia producing area in Thailand – has been doubled by adding a new larval/juvenile unit consisting of 60 tanks, upgrading the facility for commercial-scale hatchery and on-growing testing, and through the addition of dedicated rooms for Artemia and small-scale evaluations. The existing facility, consisting of a 70-tank larval unit and wet and dry labs, has also been completely renovated. The main species reared at the site are penaeid shrimp and tilapia.

Temperate water and nutrition trials — Italy

IARC, in Italy.

INVE Aquaculture Research Centre (IARC) was formerly a commercial bream and bass hatchery, producing 3 million fry a year. The facility has now been completely renovated and upgraded, giving more room for larval replicate testing, different broodstocks, rotifer and Artemia test productions, and analytical lab facilities. Principal species are sea bream and seabass, with capacity to take on additional aquaculture species.

State-of-the-art R&D and innovation — Belgium

Nutritional and health engineers specialised in Artemia, larval fish, larval shrimp and microbiology, immunology, aquatic diseases and diet processing technology coordinate research products. The team has unique access to up-to-date analytic labs, small-scale test facilities and pilot-scale feed processing equipment.


In December 2015, INVE Aquaculture joined Benchmark Holdings – a market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology and knowledge transfer to businesses in aquaculture and agriculture. This gave INVE unique access to Benchmark’s aquaculture R&D testing facilities in Scotland, Thailand, USA, Brazil and Colombia. Combined with their existing and new research partnerships worldwide, INVE is well positioned to take a leading role shaping a sustainable future for aquaculture. Together the two companies offer the most complete nutrition and health portfolio in the market, supporting customers in over 70 countries.

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