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Second Attemps to Wean Tuna

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ACHOTINES BAY, PANAMA - Thursday, attendees of the 7th Annual Workshop transferred 100,000 yolk-sack larvae into two tanks for some high density larvae rearing trials, reports Alex Mhlhlzl, OceanicTuna.

The group also continued on with rotifer and larvae counts on the experiments. The weaning experiment continued without success and there were several mortalities in the tank.

In tank number 2 there is a single broodstock tuna waiting to be introduced to the main broodstock once it has put on some more body mass, writes Alex Mühlhölzl. The broodstock tuna that was caught yesterday was getting ready for transfer into tank 2, where it will start getting fed. Tank number 2 was fed today, as a lone fish, the tuna did not have the fast attack feed response that is seen in the main broodstock tank, however it readily took the feed, approx 1/2 kg of sardines and squid.

Further spawning took place later that night witha a total egg collection number at over 600,000 eggs.

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