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SEAI suggests vannamei to aquaculture farmers

INDIA - Indian aquaculture farmers should increasingly shift from the traditional shrimp products to vannamei, according to the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI).

Introduction of vannamei species of shrimp will help the aquaculture farmers and the exporters to compete with other Asian countries, it was pointed out at the 37th AGM of SEAI. The AGM elected Anwar Hashim, MD of the Abad Group, as the national president of SEAI.

The demand for the Indian black tiger variety is declining while the price has also declined, AJ Tharakan, former national president of SEAI said. It is in this context that the switch to vannamei is advocated. Vannamei, a shrimp variety that is widely farmed in Thailand, Vietnam and China is high yielding and disease resistant.

Source: TheEconomicTimes