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Seafood Processors Gain from Provincial Funding

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NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA - The province's seafood industry is improving its competitiveness in the global marketplace with funding from the province.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister, Sterling Belliveau, last week announced C$1.2 million in funding for seafood processors to diversify markets, develop new products, improve productivity and product quality, and to meet consumer expectations about food sustainability.

The investment is part of C$3.75 million in seafood industry funding provided through the Community Development Trust Fund.

"Nova Scotia's seafood industry provides thousands of jobs in our coastal communities and contributes millions of dollars to the provincial economy," said Mr Belliveau.

"We understand the issues facing the seafood sector and these projects will help renew the industry and meet current challenges." Funding will help:

  • BMC Seafoods Ltd., Meteghan, Digby County, to diversify exports beyond traditional markets
  • Value Added Seafood Innovation, Halifax, to diversity seafood products

Several business will use the funding to enhance productivity and technology. They are:

  • D'Eon Fisheries Ltd., West Pubnico, Yarmouth County
  • IMO Foods Ltd., Yarmouth
  • A&L Seafoods Ltd.,Louisbourg
  • Acadian Fish Processors Ltd., Lower West Pubnico, Yarmouth County
  • Pierce Fisheries Ltd., Lockeport, Shelburne County
  • Lobster World Inc., Jeddore, Halifax Regional Municipality

Funding has also been awarded to work on independent seafood sustainability certification and reducing their carbon footprint. Recepients are:

  • N.S. Fisheries Sector Council
  • N.S. Swordfish Association and N.S. Swordfish Harpoon Association
  • Seafood Processors Association of N.S.
  • Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council
  • Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership, Halifax
  • Canadian Association of Prawn Producers and Inshore Fisheries Ltd., Pubnico, Yarmouth County

"These projects will help accelerate economic potential and development," said Mr Belliveau.

"They were chosen for their strong business plans and benefits for the seafood processors in the province."