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Sea Lice Investigations Led to ISA Discovery

by 5m Editor
9 January 2009, at 12:00a.m.

SHETLANDS, UK - The Scottish governments Fisheries Research Service have said that they had been inspecting an outbreak of sea lice in the area when they discovered the deadly Infectious Salmon Anaemia parasite.

According to a report from Shetland Marine News, reports of a major sea lice infestation off the south west coast of Shetland were confirmed when Shetland’s largest salmon producer reported the parasite had reduced production levels by 2,500 metric tonnes, more than 600,000 fish.

Shetland Islands Council also received large volumes of dead salmon for disposal at their landfill site during the months of October and November.

Inspectors turned up at the infected site east of Hildasay to investigate two reports of serious problems with sea lice and were surprised when tests revealed the presence of the highly infectious ISA virus, reported the news organisation.


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