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Scottish Mussel Sales Predicted To Boom

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SCOTLAND, UK - Valentines Day looks set to bring a boom for Scotlands hard working shellfish farmers with sales of mussels predicted to double as consumers snap-up up the new food of love.

Shellfish such as oysters are well known for their aphrodisiac properties, and the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group expects to sell around four times more oysters than normal during the Valentine’s week. However, in recent years, farms belonging to Scottish Shellfish have also experienced a sales surge for mussels during the same period.

Stephen Cameron, Scottish Shellfish managing director, says: “We have always seen a major sales increase in oysters over the Valentine’s period, but in recent years we have also experienced a significant sales boost in our mussels, which makes it in our view the new ‘food of love’.

“We believe that part of the reason for this is because mussels are now seen as a ‘sexy’ dish, as it is quite an intimate experience to share a bowl of mussels that helps couples to relax and feel comfortable in each other’s company.

“There has also been much publicity in the last few years of the health benefits of eating shellfish such as mussels. Both oysters and mussels contain life-enhancing minerals like magnesium, copper, iodine, iron and selenium – as well as zinc, which is critical to human libido and male fertility. They are also a good source of healthy Omega-3 oils that are good for your heart.”

One of the main driving forces for the boost in mussel sales is from the restaurant sector, with increasing numbers of restaurants putting mussels onto their Valentine’s Day menus.

Last year, rope-grown mussels produced by SSMG became the first farmed seafood in the UK to achieve the prestigious Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification providing independent confirmation of the sustainability of its aquaculture operations and minimal environmental impact.

SSMG, which is the UK’s premier producer of mussels and oysters, is a co-operative of mussel and oyster farms based on the Scottish West coast and Shetland, supplying fresh and value-added shellfish to multiple and independent retailers and restaurants.