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SAV2 Prevalence Mapped in New Research

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NORWAY - In 2011, a marine variant of SAV2 was found for the first time in Norway, and has since spread rapidly into areas that have previously been considered free of Pancreas Disease (PD). Now, a new FHF-funded project is rapidly delivering more information about the prevalence of SAV2 in Norway.

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The project 'What is the new PD-virus variant in Norwegian aquaculture? Characterisation of viruses, disease development and diffusion' is funded by FHF and began in September.

An important task of the project is to map the spread of the two viral variants in the field, as well as the flow pattern between farms with the disease.

Overall, the project will provide important information to base decisions and to minimise loss.

The research project will run for one year, and will continue to assess the extent of infection and the importance of marine SAV2 planning for Norwegian aquaculture. Better knowledge about transmission, distribution and pathogenesis is vital to the industry in order to implement concrete measures to prevent the spread of this new virus variant and may help to limit losses to the industry.

The project is led by the National Veterinary Institute, and is a collaboration with PatoGen Analyse AS, MSD Norway and Marine Harvest Norway.

The project consists of four subprojects:

1: Virus Characterization
2: Infection experiments
3: Geographical distribution / transmission potential / virus reservoir
4: mortality, risk factors and growth