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Salmon values drop despite volume increases

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A drop in the overall value of salmon exports compared to February last year, was partly to blame for an 8 percent decrease in the export value of Norwegian seafood last month.

Salmon exports fell by 5 percent in value despite a 5 percent increase in volume, with the 75,700 tonnes exported in February fetching NOK 4.7 billion (£435 million).

Although salmon prices rose by NOK 1.52 (£0.14) per kg compared to January, giving a price of NOK 58.52 (£5.41) per kg, the average prices achieved were 9 per cent lower compared with February last year.

"The EU market is taking an increasing share of the Norwegian export despite high consumer prices for salmon. The main reasons for this are a strengthening of the euro and a lower export price compared with the same period last year,” says Norwegian Seafood Council analyst Paul T Aandahl.

So far this year, Norway has exported 160,000 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 9.7 billion. Poland, France and Denmark were the largest recipients of salmon from Norway in February.

Trout exports remain stable

In February Norway exported 3,000 tonnes of trout, worth NOK 184 million. Export volumes have increased by 600 tonnes, or 25 per cent, while the export value was stable compared with February last year. So far this year, Norway has exported 6,000 tonnes of trout worth NOK 390 million. Belarus, Poland and the United States was the largest markets for trout in February.