Salmon industry calls for easing of farming restrictions

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
7 April 2007, at 1:00am

UK - The Scottish salmon farming industry needs to innovate to retain its position as one of the leading players in the world industry, according to the sector's trade organisation.

Sid Patten, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation (SSPO), said moves to retain the Scottish industry's competitive position are vital given recent comments from the Bush administration.

Carlos Gutierrez, the US commerce secretary, announced that the US government wants to expand the farming of salmon, shellfish and saltwater fish in its federal waters.

Patten urged regulatory authorities here to allow the industry to flourish with less restrictions. He said: "It appears from talking to my opposite numbers in other countries that the UK has the toughest regulatory environment of all the major fish farming nations."

And the SSPO is going to have a study conducted which compares regulations in the UK with other major fish farming countries such as Norway, Chile, Canada, the Faroes, Ireland and the US.

A call to lighten the regulatory load is going to be made in the SSPO's Scottish parliament election manifesto.

Source: The Sunday Herald