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SA Oyster Growers Wait for Answers

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AUSTRALIA - Oyster growers are still waiting for a response from the State Government about the on average 450 per cent hike in fees they are facing.

Local growers believe the fee increase will be detrimental to the industry, even causing some farmers to go out of business, the SA Oyster Growers Association told Stacey Davidson of the Port Lincoln Times.

"We are willing to pay 100 per cent cost recovery, but the minister has failed to show us just what PIRSA (Primary Industries and Resources SA) Aquaculture are trying to recover," association president Bruce Zippel said.

"Anyone paying 100 per cent, needs to know what they are paying for. Not only has there been a change in fee structure, causing a massive hike in fees, but we are now being asked to pay an increase of $500,000, since the last round of talks and can't seem to find out why."