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Russian Aquaculture continues vertical-integration drive

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Russian Aquaculture, the country's largest fish farming firm, has acquired an option to purchase a 40 percent equity stake in Tri Ruchya, a primary processing company in the Murmansk region.

The company has the capacity to process up to 25,000 tonnes of salmonids per year, as well as a refrigerated warehouse and developed infrastructure, and is located on transport routes near Russian Aquaculture’s farms. The two companies have worked together in primary fish processing for the last two years.

The plant has the capacity to process 25,000 tonnes of salmon a year

This transaction will give Russian Aquaculture guaranteed access to processing facilities, which should increase the company’s efficiency and reduce risks. It is seen as an important step in the company’s strategy to become vertically-integrated and achieve its goal of producing over 30,000 tonnes of salmonids a year by 2025.

“We welcome this opportunity for greater cooperation with our partner Tri Ruchya, which has proven to be professional and reliable,” said Ilya Sosnov, CEO of Russian Aquaculture. “Access to proven primary processing facilities is an important element in our production chain, because it guarantees high quality and timely processing of fresh fish in transparent and comprehensible conditions in the long term. Moreover, the transaction will allow the company to receive a share of Tri Ruchya’s profits, which will have a positive impact on Russian Aquaculture’s financial performance.”